Institute Priorities and Needs

In recent years, Georgia Tech has risen to national and global prominence as a leading technological research university that is expanding the boundaries of knowledge, creating breakthrough solutions, and shaping and inspiring the young men and women who will become tomorrow's leaders. The Institute's vision for the future is a powerful one, and it cannot be realized without the philanthropic support and engagement of alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations who are the key to turning dreams into reality.

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Unrestricted Giving

Unrestricted funds provide Georgia Tech with the flexibility to respond to ever-changing needs and to take advantage of new opportunities. Whether committed to such critical areas as financial aid, faculty research, or program enrichment, unrestricted gifts make it possible for the Institute's leaders to address challenges and undertake new initiatives.

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Students and Faculty

Georgia Tech's most important priority is people. Attracting and retaining the most talented students, faculty, and researchers has made the Institute the global leader it is today, and philanthropy is crucial to building on a strong foundation of success. From undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to endowed chairs and professorships, your gift for support will make a deep and lasting impact on Georgia Tech.

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Colleges, Schools, and Programs

Research and teaching, people and ideas, and facilities and initiatives—all are integral to Georgia Tech's past successes and the key to its extraordinary vision for the future. Philanthropic support, across all colleges, schools, and programs, is fundamental to the Institute's capacity for leadership in engineering, the sciences, computing, business, architecture, and the liberal arts.

To International Initiatives

International Initiatives

Georgia Tech is committed to strategically strengthening its already robust international education and research initiatives for the twenty-first century. By growing existing international campuses and developing new ones, internationalizing the curriculum, and increasing the number of study and work abroad opportunities for students, Tech will enhance its global footprint and its reputation as an international leader.

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Facilities and Equipment

Facilities are the foundations of greatness—in interdisciplinary research, undergraduate teaching and learning, athletics, campus enrichment, and student life. Georgia Tech is committed to building the most modern, technologically advanced, and sustainable facilities.


Endowment and Current Operations

Endowments transcend bricks and mortar, and provide the Institute with the financial foundation upon which it is built—its faculty, its students, and its facilities. Through sound investment in a balanced portfolio, earnings from permanent endowments generate a steady flow of funding in perpetuity. Unlike endowments, current operating funds are available for use in the year in which they are received, and provide the resources to meet immediate needs.

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Intercollegiate Athletics

For more than a century, the spirit and tradition of athletic excellence have been a source of pride for Georgia Tech. Today, Tech's goal is to position itself as one of the very best athletics programs in the nation. Advancing athletics can be accomplished through the generosity of donors, through athletic scholarships, annual support through the Alexander-Tharpe Fund, and improving and expanding athletics facilities.

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Annual Roll Call

A Georgia Tech tradition for sixty years, the annual Roll Call provides the opportunity to support current operations, scholarships and financial aid, faculty and student recruitment initiatives, and new academic programs.

Reunion Giving

Reunion Giving

In honor of their milestone reunions, each year the 25th, 40th, and 50th reunion classes support a specific project that promotes academic excellence and leaves a meaningful legacy benefiting future generations of Georgia Tech students and faculty.

Gifts in Honor or Memory

Gifts in Honor or Memory

Gifts that honor the memory of a deceased loved one, faculty member, friend, or classmate are an enduring reminder of the impact the honoree made during his or her lifetime, and benefit Georgia Tech.