Perhaps no investment in Georgia Tech is more meaningful than the investment of tuition and related costs made by parents of current and former students. The investment in our students also extends to the private support Georgia Tech receives to fund scholarships and fellowships, state-of-the-art campus facilities and student life programs that enrich the classroom experience. We are grateful to the Tech parents who have contributed so generously to their son's or daughter's cherished alma mater.

Parents Fund

Parents Fund

The Parents Fund for Georgia Tech has garnered unprecedented support from parents and has enabled the Institute to fund living-learning programs that enhance the quality of student life for all Tech students. To keep pace with student needs, we must fund new and innovative initiatives that complement students' classroom learning and continue to strengthen the foundation for their lifelong success. The philanthropic investments made by parents will increase the value of their student's degree by enhancing the quality education for which Georgia Tech is recognized, nationally and internationally. Please consider making a gift to the Parents Fund, and join the thousands of others who foster the development of the students of today and help create the leaders of tomorrow.

Gifts to Endowment and Current Operations

Student Health Center

Endowments are highly important to Georgia Tech. In an era of uncertain state support, endowments create a strong financial foundation for student, faculty, and program success. Through endowments, parents can create scholarships and fellowships for our highly talented students, support our world-renowned faculty members through professorships and chairs, and provide funding for student life, including leadership and enrichment programs.

Just as with gifts to endowment, expendable gifts to current operations may be directed for unrestricted use by the Office of the President or for restricted purposes including student life programs and general support for students, faculty, and academic or athletic programs.