Georgia Tech students have the unique opportunity to give back as students and ensure that their gifts have a direct benefit on their fellow students and the quality of student life on campus. Students may direct their gifts to the Georgia Tech Student Foundation and the Alexander-Tharpe Fund.

Georgia Tech Student Foundation (GTSF)

GTSF awards grants to student organizations and students whose ideas or projects enhance Georgia Tech. Grants are funded from an endowment that has grown to approximately $500,000 through gifts and investment growth of the endowment. Members of GTSF are responsible for raising funds to increase the value of the endowment, overseeing a diverse portfolio in the stock market, and allocating funds from interest and dividends to worthy student projects.

Founded in 1986, GTSF was created by a $100,000 gift from the late J. Erskine Love Jr., ME 1949. GTSF is one of the few collegiate foundations in the country that is solely operated by students, including the development, investment, and allocation of funds. It's important for current students to remember that the very act of giving to Georgia Tech is far more important than the size of the gift.

Alexander-Tharpe Fund (Athletics)

If supporting Tech's hard-working student-athletes is something you're passionate about, then you should consider giving to the Alexander-Tharpe (A-T) Fund. The primary purpose of the A-T Fund is to raise funds to provide scholarships for Tech's student-athletes, who bring tremendous recognition and prestige to Georgia Tech. The A-T Fund is working hard to reach a level of unrestricted annual giving that will cover the cost of the full number of scholarships allowed by the NCAA.